Account Management

How do I administer multiple accounts and search projects?

Whether you are an agency helping clients set up their site search or a webmaster managing multilingual sites, there is a way to keep all your search projects easily accessible yet separate so that you and your colleagues can manage the Site Search 360 settings in a flexible way.

Projects vs Accounts

A project is a search index (collection of search results).

An account can have one or multiple projects if they relate to the same website but the search indexes should be kept separately.

Use projects for:

  • multiple language versions of the same website

  • a dedicated test project for your staging environment

When you sign up for a free 14-day trial, we automatically create an account and your first search project associated with the website domain you've specified. The email you provide becomes the account owner so, all subsequent projects created within this account will be also attached to this email. Go to Account -> Projects to add new projects.

Team permissions are managed on the account level.

Go to Account -> Projects and click the "Manage Team" button to send out email invites and specify what sections of the Control Panel should be shown or hidden to a particular user. Invited members get access to all projects within the account - that's why it's better to keep unrelated websites as separate projects under separate accounts.

Billing is managed on the project level but if you'd like to manage multiple projects under the same plan, reach out to us and we'll be happy to set up a custom plan for you.

How do I invite others to my account and give them permissions?

In your project, got to Account > Projects, and click on the "Manage Team" button in the upper right. You can then choose which permissions are granted and then enter one or more email addresses to invite new user(s).

Please be aware that permissions are managed on the account level, meaning all permissions granted to the users are given for all projects under the same account.

You can also modify the permissions of any existing users or remove them completely from the list.

What do the permissions mean?

Basically, every user with a certain permission can access the related section(s) under that permission, as well as edit every setting within the section. For example, if a user has the permission to access Indexing Settings, they can see and edit every sub-sections related to indexing, e.g. Website Crawling, Content Extraction, etc. It is not possible, for example, to give a user permission to only sub-sections, e.g. only Data Points access.

Can I invite users with read-only access?

Yes, you can invite users with read-only access if you do not grant them any permissions. Users without any permissions have access to Dashboard, Search Preview, Account, and Feature Map without any editing rights. The only thing they can edit is their personal data (name and email address) in the Account menu.

If a user gets a link to a section they don't have access to, the user will be automatically redirected to the Dashboard with a warning message, that they have no permission to access this section.

How do I update my payment info?

Once you've subscribed to a paid plan, you can change your card details under Billing:

payment information

Note that only the account owner has access to billing details.

You can also edit your card info when switching to a new plan:

changing card info

Switching between different payment methods (e. g. from card payments to PayPal) can only be done by unsubscribing entirely and then subscribing to a new paid plan. Automatic proration will not work in this case: contact us for a solution.


If you pay with a credit card and need to upgrade or downgrade your plan, go to Account -> Plan.

There, you can customize your plan by selecting a new indexed pages limit, a different search volume, or some add-on features. Once you're done, hit "Subscribe". The proration will be automatically calculated by our payment provider (Stripe) and reflected in your next invoice in the new billing cycle if you downgrade your plan. In case of an upgrade, you'll be charged the difference of the old and new plan immediately.

Note: Unfortunately, PayPal doesn't support prorations. If you're paying via PayPal and looking to change your plan, reach out to us, and we'll calculate your proration manually.