Product Variants

No matter what your online shop sells, it is likely you have some products that come in multiple versions. Fashion shops sell clothes in various sizes and colors, consumer electronics retailers sell the same device with different amounts of storage, and online grocers sell the same coffee in 9 or 18 oz bags.

The consumer just wants to find the right version for them as quickly as possible. Our ecommerce search is optimized to make this process quick and easy for you and your customers.

Product Search Feature

This is available in all plans with the ecommerce search feature as well as in the Site Search 360 apps and extensions for Shopify, Shopware, Adobe Commerce, Oxid, and Modified.

Products available in multiple variations can be grouped into one product, so that the search will not show the same sweater several times in the result set just because it comes in multiple sizes. Imagine searching for "cashmere sweater" and seeing the same black turtleneck five times in a row because it comes in sizes ranging from XS-XL⁠. Not only is this visually unappealing, it can push the perfect sweater off the first result page and reduce the likelihood that your customer finds it and buys it.

When it comes to different colors, the grouped products will still be visible using a color selector in the search snippet as shown above. Additionally, if the search query is "red sofa", our ecommerce search immediately shows the correct variants in the search, so the user sees all the red sofas available right away.

How to Implement Product Variants

The most important step is to ensure your product feed contains a group identifier that can be used to group products together. Each individual product should still have its own unique product ID. For example, the black sofa above might have ID 10015, while the red sofa might have ID 10020, but all the grouped sofas should have the group identifier 100.

That's it! Once you have set up your group identifiers, your products will be grouped together in the way that best helps your customers find the right version for them.