Empty State and Query-based Suggestions

If you have enabled suggestions in the Design & Publish -> General section, you'll be able to configure empty state suggestions and query-based suggestions, as well as general suggestions settings, in Design & Publish -> Suggestions.

Empty State Suggestions

Empty state suggestions are the suggestions your searchers will see before they start typing in a search query. You could already suggest popular queries, search history, etc. to your users to help offer helpful suggestions or information to your site's visitors.

  • Layout options - there're four layout options to choose from, as shown in the screenshot below:

    Empty state layout options
  • Content block options - you could simply drag and drop the desired content blocks to the the suggestion configurator on the right. Click on the pencil icon to customize the block.

    • Search history - we show previously searched terms personalized to every searcher. Once clicking on the pencil icon, you'll be able to configure the maximum number of searched terms shown, and whether to show to the heading, etc.

    • Custom recommendations - you could direct your searchers to the most important results on your site by adding predefined links or search queries. Do remember to define the suggested querie and/or links by clicking the +Add button.

      Like search history, you can also configure whether or not to show an icon or heading of this block.

After setting up the empty state suggestions, your site's visitors would be able to access the suggested searches, results or search history, like ours do:

Query-Based Suggestions

Query-based suggestions are suggestions your searchers will see once they start typing.