What is Minimum Ontology Confidence Score?

Product Search Feature

This is available in all plans with the ecommerce search feature as well as in the Site Search 360 apps and extensions for Shopify, Shopware, Adobe Commerce, Oxid, and Modified.

Every product from your catalog is automatically processed through our ontology and assigned to a certain category that influences search result relevance. We use various algorithms to recognize the category, but this also depends on the quality of your data.

The lower you set the score, the fuzzier the search results are, i.e. more products are shown with the most relevant ones still on top. The higher the score, the stricter the classification, but there is a risk of excluding potentially relevant results that could not be properly categorized yet.

The default (and recommended) level is 2. Try higher scores if your product data is well structured and if you’d prefer to show fewer but more precise product matches in your search.

You can access and adjust this setting by going to Search Settings > General > Product search section.

adjust product search fuzziness