Zapier Integration

Zapier Integration

What is Zapier?

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Zapier is a tool that allows your customers to connect apps they use every day to automate tasks and save time. With Zapier's library of over 750+ connected apps, you can connect business apps you use (e.g. Gmail and Google Calendar) to create your own automated workflows.

A zap is quick and easy to set up - you don't need to be a developer or know how to code. You can select triggers and actions to decide the exact task you would like to automate.

What can I do with the Site Search 360 App on Zapier?

The Site Search 360 Zapier app is very easy to use. It has one trigger called "Indexing Complete" which is triggered when the crawler has finished crawling your site. The app supports one action called "Index Page" which can be called with a certain URL that should be indexed.

These triggers and actions now open up a whole variety of useful integrations. Here are just a few examples:

  • Send an email once crawling is complete.

  • Send a Slack message to your development team once crawling is complete.

  • Get a text message from Twilio when crawling is complete.

  • Automatically index a page when you publish it to your RSS feed.

  • Automatically index a page when you create a new document (e.g. on Google Docs or Office 365).

  • Automatically index a new interaction you had with a customer using help desk software such as Freshdesk or Zendesk.

These Zapier integrations can help you keep your index up to date without needing to implement our API.

Example: Setting up a Site Search 360 Zap

Let's create a zap that sends you an email once indexing is complete. First, get a free Zapier account.

Since the app is currently invite-only, please accept this invitation:

Now, click "Make a zap" and start by choosing the app that should send the trigger. Just search for "Site Search 360" in the search bar and select the app.

Now we create a "trigger". There is only one to choose from, so select "Indexing Complete" and press "Save + Continue".

Time to connect to your Site Search 360 account. To do so, just click "Connect an Account" and paste in your API key that you can find here in your control panel.

After connecting, there are no more steps to be done for the trigger. The left side should look similar to this:

Now you can decide what you want to happen when that trigger activates. For example, you could let Zapier send you an email, you could write a message in your Slack channel, or even get a text notification sent to your phone using Twilio.

What about the other way around? What if you want to automatically index a page after a certain trigger? You can also use the Site Search 360 Zapier app to do this. Just start with a trigger of your choice, for example, RSS. If a new item appears in your RSS feed, this trigger can call Site Search 360 to index the page.

After setting up the trigger, the left side should look something like this:

When using the "Index Page" action, you will need to edit the template to send the URL to Site Search 360. With the RSS trigger, it looks like this:

That's it! Just activate the zap and wait. Depending on your account, Zapier checks every 5-15 minutes for changes, so please be patient when experimenting.

Questions, feedback, feature requests? We are listening closely.