modified Integration

As a modified eShop owner, a powerful product search is critical to your store's success. Luckily, the Site Search 360 Product Search for modified is a lightning-fast, smart and easily customizable search that will give your eCommerce a boost.

The installation process for our modified app takes four simple steps:

  1. Create an account on our eCommerce portal.

  2. Enable the extension in modified backend.

  3. Transfer your credentials to the extension.

  4. Test the search for free, and go live!

  5. Subscribe to a paid eCommerce plan to keep using the product search.

Create an account on our eCommerce portal

Opening an eCommerce account only requires minimal information and gets done in a single click. When registering, enable the option "I have an ecommerce website".

You will be automatically enrolled into a two weeks free trial with no credit card required. You will need to subscribe to a paid plan at the end of the trial period (see step 5)

Once your account is created, you'll be prompted to go through a checklist, which you should skip by clicking on Dismiss for Now.

Let's now look at the modified portal to kickstart your eShop search.

Enable the extension in modified backend

Log into the admin panel of your modified eShop installation, go to the Partner Module section, and choose Site Search 360 Product Search.

You will arrive on the Site Search 360 Product Search for modified landing page (Site Search 360 Produktsuche). Click on Einstellungen (Install):

You are taken to the modified System Module page. Under Site Search 360 Product Search, click Install.

Transfer credentials to extension

Once you have initiated the installation of the Site Search 360 Product Search, the modified System Module displays in a table format. Click on the green-arrowed button under Action as shown here.

You will then be taken to an activation screen where you will be prompted to enter your Site Search 360 API key (Product Search) as well as your Project ID.

You will easily find your Site Search 360 Project ID and API Key by going to the Account section of your Site Search 360 eCommerce control panel as shown here.

You then need to paste the Project ID as well as the API key information into the relevant fields (under DE for German or EN for English version) in the modified System Module to enable the Site Search 360 Product Search for modified.

Click on Save to proceed.

Check that the product search module has been successfully installed by clicking once more on the Action button for the Site Search 360 Product Search. You should see that an API key number is now displayed under the API key field and the Project ID also shows in the relevant field.

Once you have gone through the above steps, the Site Search 360 app’s enabled , and should be live on your modified online shop.

Note: make sure you index all your products when you first crawl your eStore before you fully test it on your modified eStore. This will initiate a full crawl of your eShop and add all available products to your search results.

You can test your search directly in the modified portal by clicking on the shop icon in the top-bar.

You need to be a modified client to fully benefit from the Site Search 360 Product Search extension and its intelligent indexing functionalities.

You can also test the Site Search 360 for modified app in their demo store to access a limited preview.

Subscribe to a paid Site Search 360 eCommerce plan

Once your free trial period is over, please subscribe to a paid eCommerce plan, otherwise you will be automatically downgraded to a free plan and you will have very restricted functionalities.

Simply subscribe by navigating to Account > Plan tab in your Site Search 360 control panel as shown here.

You're ready to make the most of your product search for modified.