How Does the Site Search 360 Script Affect My Site Speed?

Our script is lightweight (~300 kilobytes raw and ~90KB gzipped; equivalent to a moderately-sized image file) and therefore unlikely to affect your website's performance in any meaningful way.

However, if you suspect that your website loads slower than usual after installing Site Search 360, we'll be happy to investigate.

Check your site's performance by using Google Lighthouse or Google PageSpeed Insights. SpeedCurve is another great tool to follow the performance of a site over time. The screenshot below demonstrates a performance audit report for the very domain you're reading this article on (, which also uses our search script.

SS360 documentation site performance measured with Google Lighthouse

Note: To correctly assess the performance impact, the "before" state (i.e. the state prior to installing Site Search 360) needs to be captured in advance.

We do everything possible (and feasible) on our part to reduce the script's toll on performance.

To further improve performance, here's what you can do on your side: