Account Permissions

How do I invite others to my account and give them permissions?

In your project, got to Account > Projects. In the upper right, you will find the "Manage Team" button. Once you click on it, click the "Invite Users" button. In the following dialog, you can choose which permissions the persons should get and then enter one or more email addresses. You can invite new users, who will receive an email asking them to create an account, or you can invite existing users, who will also get an email notification but also be able to see the projects in their existing account directly.

You can also modify the permissions of any invited users afterward from the list or remove them completely.

Please be aware that permissions are managed on the account level, meaning all permissions you give to the users here are given for all projects belonging to this account.

What do the permissions mean?

Basically, every user with a certain permission can access the menu points belonging to that permission, as well as edit every setting in this menu. So if a user has the permission to access Result Manager, he can see and use every menu belonging to that. It is not possible, for example, to give a user permission to Result Manager > Result Mappings and at the same time not to Result Manager > Autocomplete Queries.

The permissions give access in the following way:





No Permission needed

Data Sources

Edit Indexing Settings

Search Preview

No Permission needed

Only the preview itself is available if the user does not have the "Edit Search Settings" permission

Data Structuring

Edit Indexing Settings

Filters and Sorting

Edit Search Settings

Ranking Strategies

Edit Search Settings

Result Manager

Edit Search Settings


Edit Dictionary

Search Settings

Edit Search Settings


No Permission needed

Everyone can edit his own account settings, only users with permission "Manage Projects, Users, Billing" can edit these settings here

Design & Publish

Edit Search Settings

Feature Map

No Permission needed

The links to other sections in the Feature Map will only work if the user has the needed permission


Manage Indexing


Edit Product Data

Only available for ECOM plans

What if a user has no permission at all?

If the user was invited to your account but does not have any permission assigned to him, he can still see the following menus: Dashboard, Search Preview, Account, Feature Map. He is not allowed to edit anything regarding the projects. The only thing he can edit is his personal data (name and email address) in the Account menu.

What if a user clicks a link to a section that he or she has no access to?

Say a user does not have the "Manage Indexing" permission, but clicks on the link to the section, so for example:

In this case, the user will always be automatically redirected to the Dashboard and a warning will pop up, notifying the user that he or she has no permission to access this section.