Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Indexing

Custom FAQ

If you already have an FAQ page and you'd like to make every single Q&A block easily searchable (vs resorting to the CTRL+F shortcut to find the information within the page), follow these steps:

  1. Go to Data Sources -> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Indexing and select Custom FAQ.

  2. Input your FAQ page URLs.

  3. Make sure your Q&A elements are consistent throughout the page. For example, every question can wrapped in an <h2> tag, and every answer can be wrapped into a <div class="faq-answer"></div> element.

  4. Point our crawler to these elements by specifying the corresponding XPaths, e.g. //h2 and //div[@class="faq-answer"]

  5. Press "Test FAQ Extraction" to preview the extracted Q&A blocks. Every block becomes a separate search result and when the user clicks on it, the page will scroll down to the exact Q&A excerpt.

  6. Don't forget to save your settings.

Schema JSON (Site Search 360 FAQ)

If you don't have an FAQ page then you can create it using our Free FAQ generator. It is really easy to use - you will be prompted to provide questions and answers that you want to have in FAQ. At the end of the configuration, you will need just to copy the code to your website where you want the FAQ to appear. Once FAQs are visible on your website, you can connect them to indexing by selecting in the control panel: Data Sources -> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Indexing -> Schema JSON (Site Search 360 FAQ).