Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Indexing

If you already have an FAQ page and you'd like to make every single Q&A block easily searchable (vs resorting to the CTRL+F shortcut to find the information within the page), follow these steps:

  1. Go to Data Sources -> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Indexing and select Custom FAQ.

  2. Input your FAQ page URLs.

  3. Make sure your Q&A elements are consistent throughout the page. For example, every question can wrapped in an <h2> tag, and every answer can be wrapped into a <div class="faq-answer"></div> element.

  4. Point our crawler to these elements by specifying the corresponding XPaths, e.g. //h2 and //div[@class="faq-answer"]

  5. Press "Test FAQ Extraction" to preview the extracted Q&A blocks. Every block becomes a separate search result and when the user clicks on it, the page will scroll down to the exact Q&A excerpt.

  6. Don't forget to save your settings.

FAQ Extraction